AWP Celebrates Christmas with Christian Katchi Abadi Residents

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of the Awami Workers Party visited various katchi abadis in the federal capital on Christmas Eve to celebrate the day with Christian party members and friends.

The AWP delegation visited a number of Christian neighborhoods in the form of a car rally to participate in the Christmas celebrations being held there.

Dr Tooba Syed cut a cake and addressed residents in H-9 Rimsha Colony on behalf of the Awami Workers Party.

“We believe in peace, love and tolerance,” said Dr Tooba, “which is why it is part of our political struggle for followers of all faiths to participate in others celebrations, irrespective of religion, gender or class.”

“We will work to eradicate the socioeconomic roots from which the ideologies of hatred and prejudice arise,” she added

The party delegation also visited France Colony where they inaugurated a Christmas nativity scene and participated in a church service in F-8 where children presented tableaus.

“In this manner, we seek to promote religious harmony amongt all faiths and creeds”, said AWP’s Marriya Malik.



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