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Ban on Plastic & its implications

Written by: Mustafa Shaukat More plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than in the 100 years prior to that. The massive production of plastic and single-use plastic has accelerated degradation of our eco-system so much that it may be one of the leading causes of global climate change. The PTI government has […]

Children at risk

Written by: Mustafa Shaukat The beginning of the year 2018 was marked with the gruesome rape and murder of Zainab Ansari. It was heavily reported and political parties unanimously condemned her murder and mourned her death. This shock was expected to jolt the Pakistani society into action and reduce the future instances of rape and […]

Support Mazboot Pakistan by Naureen Ibrahim Khan

You love Pakistan. I know you do. So do I. When Miandad hit that sixer, Sana Mir became the leading wicket taker, or Kaptaan lifted the cup… that feeling of uncontrollable joy… that is the love for Pakistan. But what good is our love if the country is struggling. The key to improving Pakistan will […]

Freedom of thought

FREEDOM of speech via media and other fora is a basic right increasingly under threat. Oddly, the threats in Pakistan emanate from not manifest state bodies as elsewhere, but hidden ones. In fact, even the former seems threatened by the latter and seems helpless to protect society from such threats. Eminent analysts like I.A. Rahman […]

The Pakhtuns & the Baloch

ONE cannot mention either of them by name in our press or on television. It is as if by this silence they will disappear. The mainstream electronic media, for reasons now well understood, based on fear, ignores any reporting about recent developments regarding both national groups which constitute Pakistan. News about their large jalsas is […]

And so the drama goes on

If you are looking for a healing agent to sooth the ruptures of a fragmented society, the media is a wrong place to begin at. Pakistani society’s burden lies in its numerous schisms, which have only multiplied in the last two decades and the most popular refrain is to pin it on the Musharraf coup […]

Between defence and development

TEN years ago, Pakistan reverted to democratic rule, and the moment provides a good opportunity to take stock of the road travelled since then. One can mark a decade depending on which marker one uses. In February 2008, a general election ushered out the government that was erected under a military ruler and brought in […]

The right to public spaces

SOON after the battle of Mochi Gate ground concluded amicably, a sizeable Lahore audience was treated to a scintillating performance by Theatre Wallay, a group of Islamabad-based theatre enthusiasts who have been looking at contemporary reality. The theme was dwindling access to public spaces. In a 60-minute programme, only a few instances of encroachment on […]